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We discussed the possibility of going to a swingers party ' for some time. I was interested, but do not really know how I got bigasses the situation under control, if someone would start with my wife. We had this discussion with a friend and he immediately said he and his wife also wanted to go, but he had the same problem. My wife told me. 'Why do not we go at least we can go in a group and see the other couples, and if we do not, because it could leave us, not even ashamed to be and let us if you wish. all treat it as a joke and not discuss it further. the next day my friend called me and told me that when she asked seriously. s I did not know, but suggested that we discussed at dinner next time and see what happens. I knew my wife liked it and fantasized many times and I would say if it would ever consider the situation with another couple with John and Monica. I encouraged my wife bigasses when I'm not verywn and she wants to have fun, John would not be a bad idea. The idea that she woke me fucking amazing. Monica is a pretty big girl, and I have to admit, always too much. A few days later John called and invited us again. We discussed and agreed not to scare the girl. could not bigasses wait. Traveling, Pat asked, what would you do if the GATS involved. I realized that I do not know, but let's see what happens. Monica was dressed to kill. bigasses She had a tight dress that was very thin and showed the shape of your body. Her breasts were soft and showed the outline of her legs under her dress. Her pussy was outlined, and I need to see almost freak out. Pat looked great and I could see John drooling over her figure. The evening began with a couple of drinks and conversation soon changed to vibrate. The girls held their ground and said she thought it would be interesting to see if what is at such a place. Pat Monica asked what would be if a gu or ask the couple to join. Monica laughed and said that if the couple seemed to us, you can consider joining. John suggested that we put on music. He took my arm and started dancing Monica with her. His bigasses body was hot and pressed against my legs. I could feel my cock pressing against them. She shook her body and whispered in my ear. 'Do you like when John Pat fucked. It would be on me terribly to see her ' ' I,' I said. ' But how do you come to this? ' 'Do not worry, Pat is ready, it is feared that I do not approve ' ', Pat said if we start, would fall into the' I was so hot that I could stop immediately. I saw Pat and she smiled as she put her arms around John and pulled him over. Monica started rubbing my cock. My arm around her and kissed her neck. Breathe slowly and kissed my ear. John Pat bigasses had his hand on bigasses the leg and work toward her pussy. Pat will bend back and then pulled John back to the canvas. John slowly unbuttoned her dress and licked her hand on his chest and slowly began to play with her ​​nipples wet. Monica is open his pants and feel his hand on my cock. When she felt the size you inhale a little and said, 'Please fuck me, Pierre,' I put my hand under her dress and felt her underwear. My fingers under the elastic and slowly move my hand to feel the hair on her pussy. Her panties were wet and pussy and lips of her pussy was swollen. I began to caress her pussy lips and slowly into her pussy with my fingers. She moans softly and bigasses began to fondle me. Pat and I see that John was naked next to it is. Her legs are open and the darkness of her pussy and pink lips of her pussy wet. She strokes his cock as his hand moved in and out bigasses of her pussy now. I know that Pat is now out of control. John bigasses rolls over them. She pulls his legs and his cock against her pussy lips. Parts of her pussy as does the cock inside her. itsThe lips are separated and Pat takes in it. John starts to fuck my wife with long shots. Her lovely thighs get their kicks. That's incredible. Monica throws at her side and holding my penis with a wet hand caressing the tip with your other hand. Now I'm deep in her pussy and pressing against her g-spot. Her pussy is wet and I moved two fingers inside her. She makes her ass and hot and humid circles me crazy. Monica is now looking at Pat and John and began to stroke himself. I lean over her and my cock until it reaches the lips of her pussy. Little by little, I'm in it to move. I see your beautiful face and begin to fuck. I can not believe what happened. Wet and tight. It's an incredible feeling. 'Fuck me. Please do not stop now,' he laments. can not fail to bigasses I looked at John, now fucking hard. I see his cock in and out of my wife's pussy. It is the top of the knee and the silent movement of his cock in her wonder. Monica begins MonAning and looks. Then Pat looked at me and smiles. Then I look to close my eyes and shook her body, she is spreading her legs and moaning hard. Then she grabs John and pulls hard for her. The semen flowing tail. I feel like hell and I'm pressed Monica come to sprint. When my penis in and out shoots in her pussy stream. I feel the grip of her pussy as she cums. for a time when both shaken and then we will relax. Pat and Monica pulls her hand circles cock John. You feel the movement of his tail and feel bigasses the wetness of the vagina Pat. Pat is now a loud groan and roll cock pushes deeper Juan patient's eyes and she opens her mouth and her body rocks as he shoots his sperm deep into the folds of her pussy. Monica has her fingers on her clitoris and the effect Pats Pat is an orgasm like never before. bigasses
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